Did Liangelo Ball Make It to the NBA? The Complete Details

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LiAngelo Ball’s journey toward securing a spot in the NBA is a narrative of resilience, hard work, and the relentless pursuit of a dream. Unlike his brothers Lonzo and LaMelo, who have established themselves in the league, LiAngelo’s path has been marked by challenges and setbacks, yet his determination remains unshaken. This detailed exploration provides a comprehensive look at LiAngelo’s efforts to “make it to the NBA,” incorporating data, facts, and developments to present a full picture of his journey.

Early Career and Challenges

LiAngelo Ball, born on November 24, 1998, quickly made a name for himself as a talented shooting guard at Chino Hills High School, playing alongside his brothers under the national spotlight. Despite this early promise, LiAngelo’s career trajectory took a different path after a shoplifting incident in China during his time with UCLA, which led to his departure from college basketball without playing a game. This event marked the beginning of his unconventional route towards professional basketball, including playing overseas in Lithuania and participating in his father’s Junior Basketball Association.

NBA Draft and Beyond

In 2018, LiAngelo declared for the NBA draft, hoping to follow in the footsteps of his older brother Lonzo. Despite his scoring ability and a strong showing at a pre-draft workout where he displayed his shooting range, LiAngelo went undrafted. This setback did not deter him; he continued to pursue opportunities in professional basketball, joining the Oklahoma City Blue in the G League, and signing a 10-day contract with the Detroit Pistons, although he did not make a lasting impression to secure a longer-term role with an NBA team.

The Summer League Opportunity

The NBA Summer League has been a critical platform for LiAngelo to showcase his skills to NBA teams. His performances have been a mix of promising scoring displays and learning experiences. Notably, during his time with the Charlotte Hornets in the Summer League, LiAngelo averaged 9.6 points, showcasing his ability to score from distance. His standout moment came when he scored 16 points in 16 minutes, including five three-pointers, in his debut, demonstrating his shooting capabilities and knack for scoring in bursts.

Despite these flashes of potential, consistency has been a challenge. His overall efficiency and impact have been areas of concern, with a cumulative true shooting percentage of 49.1% during his Summer League stint, indicating the need for improvement to compete at the NBA level.

Did Liangelo Ball Make It to the NBA?

As of the latest updates, LiAngelo remains a free agent, still aspiring to secure a permanent place in the NBA. The Charlotte Hornets, having had LiAngelo in their Summer League roster and considering their open roster spots for training camp, represent a potential opportunity for him. The Hornets’ coaching staff has recognized LiAngelo’s work ethic and shooting ability, noting his character and dedication to improvement. This acknowledgment from professional coaching staff highlights LiAngelo’s potential value to an NBA team, emphasizing his commitment and capability to contribute at the highest level of basketball.


Analysis and Future Prospects

LiAngelo Ball’s journey underscores the unpredictability and competitiveness of professional basketball. While his path to the NBA has been unconventional and fraught with challenges, his persistence and improvements are noteworthy. The key to LiAngelo’s future success lies in his ability to demonstrate consistency, efficiency, and versatility in his game. Continuing to develop his defensive skills and overall basketball IQ will be critical for him to differentiate himself and secure a spot in the NBA.

LiAngelo’s story is far from over, and his current status as a free agent should not be viewed as the end of his basketball journey but rather as another chapter in his ongoing pursuit of an NBA career. His experiences in the Summer League, G League, and overseas have provided him with a unique set of experiences and skills that could prove valuable to an NBA team willing to give him a chance.

In summary, LiAngelo Ball’s determination to make it to the NBA is a testament to his love for the game and his unwillingness to give up on his dreams. His journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes everywhere, reminding them that the path to success is often nonlinear and fraught with obstacles. As LiAngelo continues to work towards his goal, the basketball community will be watching closely, hopeful to see him join his brothers in the NBA and finally realize his long-held dream.

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