How Do You Get Limitless Range in NBA 2k16?

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Whether you’re a sharpshooter or a point guard, mastering the art of long-distance shooting is essential. In NBA 2K16, having a limitless range can be a game-changer.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the strategies, badges, and techniques to help you achieve that coveted limitless range.

Part 1: Understanding the Basics

1. What Is Limitless Range?

  • Limitless Range is a badge in NBA 2K16 that enhances your shooting ability beyond the three-point line.
  • It allows you to take shots from ridiculously deep distances with a higher chance of success.

2. Attributes and Skills

  • Before chasing the limitless range, ensure your player has a solid foundation:
    • Three-Point Shooting (3PT): Max out this attribute to increase your shooting range.
    • Offensive Consistency: Consistent shooting matters, especially when attempting long shots.
    • Badges: Besides limitless range, focus on badges like Catch and ShootDeep-Range Deadeye, and Corner Specialist.

3. Shot Timing and Release

  • Perfect your shot timing. The release point varies for each player, so practice until it becomes muscle memory.
  • Use the shot meter to gauge your timing. Green releases have a higher chance of success.

4. Shot Selection

  • Don’t force shots. Take open looks and avoid contested shots.
  • Step-backs and pull-ups are effective for creating space.

5. Mastering the Stick

  • Use the right stick (R-stick) for shooting. Flick it down and release at the peak of your jump for optimal results.
  • Experiment with different angles to find your sweet spot.

6. Practice, Practice, Practice

  • Head to the practice court and work on your shooting. Repetition improves muscle memory.
  • Simulate game situations: sprint, stop, and shoot.

7. Badges and Attributes

7.1 Limitless Range Badge

  • Unlocking the Limitless Range badge is your primary goal. Here’s how:
    • Practice Long Shots: Hit long-range shots consistently in games and practices.
    • Upgrade Your Player: Reach a certain overall rating (usually around 80-85) to unlock the badge.
    • Badge Levels: The badge has three levels:
      • Bronze: Increases your shooting range.
      • Silver: Boosts your chances of making deep shots.
      • Gold: Turns you into a long-range sniper.

7.2 Deep-Range Deadeye Badge

  • This badge complements Limitless Range:
    • Bronze: Reduces the impact of a defender’s contest on deep shots.
    • Silver: Further improves shot accuracy against close defenders.
    • Gold: Makes contested deep shots more reliable.

7.3 Catch and Shoot Badge

  • Essential for catch-and-shoot situations:
    • Bronze: Boosts your shot percentage when catching and shooting.
    • Silver: Increases the window for a green release.
    • Gold: Elevates your catch-and-shoot game.

7.4 Corner Specialist Badge

  • Master the corners:
    • Bronze: Improves your shooting accuracy from the corners.
    • Silver: Increases the likelihood of making corner threes.
    • Gold: Turns you into a corner specialist.

8. Shot Analytics and Heat Maps

8.1 Analyze Your Shots

  • Use the shot chart to analyze your shooting patterns.
  • Identify your hot zones (areas where you shoot well) and cold zones (areas where you struggle).

8.2 Heat Maps

  • Heat maps visually represent your shooting efficiency:
    • Red Areas: High shooting percentage.
    • Blue Areas: Low shooting percentage.
    • Adjust your shot selection based on these insights.

9. Game Situations

9.1 Transition Threes

  • In fast breaks, look for open three-point opportunities.
  • Transition threes catch opponents off guard.

9.2 Off-Ball Movement

  • Move without the ball to create space.
  • Use screens and cuts to get open for deep shots.

9.3 Late-Game Heroics

  • When the game is on the line, trust your limitless range.
  • Be the hero with clutch shots from downtown.
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