How to Get SP in NBA 2k13 PS3?

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In the world of NBA 2K13, Skill Points (SP) are the lifeblood of your MyCAREER mode. Whether you’re a budding rookie or a seasoned player, maximizing your SP is crucial for improving your player’s attributes and unlocking new abilities. In this article, we’ll talk about the earning SP efficiently, demystify the process, and provide actionable strategies to help you dominate the court.

Part 1: The Basics

1. Play Smart on the Court

  • Grade Matters: Your performance during games directly impacts your SP earnings. Strive for an A+ grade by making smart passes, grabbing rebounds, and taking high-percentage shots. Avoid turnovers and defensive breakdowns.
  • Rebounding and Assists: Rebounding and assists contribute significantly to your grade. Box out opponents, crash the boards, and distribute the ball effectively to earn SP.
  • Quality Shots: Take good shots within your player’s skill set. Avoid forcing shots or taking contested jumpers. A successful field goal attempt boosts your SP.

2. Rookie Showcase and Draft

  • Start Strong: Begin your MyCAREER journey by playing the Rookie Showcase. Showcase your skills to NBA scouts and secure a high draft position.
  • Drafted Players Earn More: Drafted players receive additional SP, so aim for a high draft pick. Use your earned SP wisely to enhance essential attributes.

3. Game Modes for SP Accumulation

  • Blacktop: Participate in Blacktop games to earn VC (Virtual Currency) and SP. Blacktop games are shorter and offer decent SP rewards.
  • 12-Minute Quarters: In MyCAREER games, choose 12-minute quarters. Longer games mean more opportunities to accumulate SP.
  • Coach Mode: If you’re confident in your team’s performance, switch to Coach Mode during games. Your player still earns SP while simulating the match.

4. Avoid Negative Skill Points

  • Negative SP: Be cautious when spending SP. If you have between 0 and 20 SP, enter your first game. When a quest (e.g., “Don’t commit a turnover”) appears, complete it and quit the game without saving. This resets your SP to negative values, allowing you to redistribute them.

5. Signature Skills and Badges

  • Invest in Signature Skills: Signature Skills enhance your player’s abilities. Prioritize skills that align with your playstyle. For example:
    • Deadeye: Boosts your shooting accuracy against tight defense.
    • Posterizer: Increases dunk success rate.
    • Dimer: Improves passing accuracy.
  • Badge Bonanza: Badges provide significant SP boosts. Complete badge challenges to earn them. Focus on badges that complement your position (e.g., Corner Specialist for shooters).

6. Off-Day Training

  • Hit the Gym: Utilize off-days for training. Visit the gym to improve specific attributes. Each session costs VC but yields SP as well.
  • Skill Drills: Participate in skill drills during off-days. These mini-games enhance your skills and reward SP.

7. Endorsement Deals and Social Media

  • Secure Endorsements: As your player gains popularity, sign endorsement deals. These provide VC and SP.
  • Social Media Interaction: Respond to fans’ tweets and participate in social media events. It boosts your fan base and earns SP.

8. VC to SP Conversion

  • VC Earnings: Play MyCAREER games, Blacktop, and other modes to earn VC.
  • Convert VC to SP: Visit the MyPLAYER Store and purchase SP with VC. Prioritize essential attributes.

9. Achievements and Milestones

  • Complete Objectives: Achievements and milestones (e.g., scoring 50 points in a game) reward SP. Keep an eye on these goals.
  • Hall of Fame: Reach Hall of Fame status by accumulating SP. The rewards are substantial.

10. Team Chemistry and Performance

  • Be a Team Player: Positive interactions with teammates boost team chemistry. High chemistry leads to SP bonuses.
  • Winning Matters: Perform well in games and contribute to victories. Winning teams earn more SP.


Stay tuned for more tips and tricks. Until then, keep ballin’! 🏀

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