Who Has the Best Record in the NBA?

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The National Basketball Association (NBA) has witnessed legendary teams and remarkable seasons over the years. From dominant dynasties to underdog surprises, the quest for the best record has fueled intense competition. In this article, we’ll explore the teams that have etched their names in NBA history with outstanding regular-season performances.

1. The Golden State Warriors (2015-16): A Historic Triumph

The 2015-16 Golden State Warriors, led by the “Splash Brothers” Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, achieved an unprecedented feat. Their regular-season record of 73 wins and 9 losses surpassed the previous benchmark set by the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls (72-10). Let’s delve into the factors that made this season extraordinary:

Key Factors:

  1. Three-Point Revolution:
    • The Warriors revolutionized the game with their prolific three-point shooting. Curry’s deep-range accuracy and Thompson’s quick release from beyond the arc were lethal weapons.
    • They made an astonishing 1,077 three-pointers collectively during the regular season.
  2. Defensive Intensity:
    • Draymond Green anchored the defense, earning his first NBA Defensive Player of the Year award.
    • The team’s defensive rating was among the league’s best.
  3. Depth and Versatility:
    • The Warriors had a deep roster, with players like Andre Iguodala, Harrison Barnes, and Shaun Livingston contributing significantly.
    • Coach Steve Kerr’s system emphasized ball movement and unselfish play.
  4. Chasing History:
    • As the wins piled up, the Warriors aimed to surpass the Bulls’ record. Each game became a historic pursuit.


The Warriors’ remarkable regular-season performance remains a testament to their skill, teamwork, and determination. Although they fell short in the NBA Finals, their 73-win season is etched in basketball lore.

2. The 1995-96 Chicago Bulls: Michael Jordan’s Dominance

Michael Jordan, arguably the greatest basketball player of all time, led the Chicago Bulls to an iconic season in 1995-96. Here’s why their record stands out:

Key Factors:

  1. MJ’s Brilliance:
    • Michael Jordan averaged 30.4 points per game, showcasing his scoring prowess.
    • His leadership and clutch performances elevated the entire team.
  2. The Supporting Cast:
    • Scottie Pippen, a versatile forward, contributed significantly on both ends of the court.
    • Dennis Rodman’s rebounding prowess was unmatched.
    • Toni Kukoč and Ron Harper provided valuable minutes.
  3. Phil Jackson’s Coaching:
    • Coach Phil Jackson implemented the “Triangle Offense,” emphasizing ball movement and spacing.
    • The Bulls’ defensive schemes stifled opponents.
  4. Historic Road Streak:
    • The Bulls won an astonishing 33 consecutive games on the road.
    • Their overall road record was an impressive 39-2.


The 1995-96 Bulls secured a regular-season record of 72 wins and 10 losses, surpassing the previous mark set by the 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers. Their dominance remains a testament to teamwork, individual brilliance, and relentless pursuit of excellence.

3. The Showtime Lakers: Magic Johnson’s Artistry

The 1986-87 Los Angeles Lakers, led by the charismatic Magic Johnson, left an indelible mark on NBA history. Here’s why their record deserves recognition:

Key Factors:

  1. Magic’s Versatility:
    • Magic Johnson, a 6’9″ point guard, defied traditional positions. His court vision, passing, and leadership were unparalleled.
    • He averaged 23.9 points, 12.2 assists, and 6.3 rebounds per game.
  2. High-Octane Offense:
    • The Lakers played an up-tempo style known as “Showtime.” Fast breaks, no-look passes, and alley-oops were their trademarks.
    • Their offensive rating was off the charts.
  3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar:
    • The legendary center, Kareem, provided a dominant inside presence.
    • His skyhook shot was virtually unstoppable.
  4. Depth and Chemistry:
    • James Worthy, Byron Scott, and Michael Cooper complemented Magic and Kareem.
    • Coach Pat Riley fostered a cohesive unit.


The Showtime Lakers finished the regular season with a record of 65 wins and 17 losses. Their blend of skill, flair, and teamwork remains iconic.

4. The 2007-08 Boston Celtics: Banner 17 and the Big Three

The 2007-08 NBA season marked a turning point for the Boston Celtics. After years of mediocrity, they assembled a formidable trio: Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen. Let’s explore their journey:

Key Factors:

  1. The Big Three:
    • Paul Pierce: The Captain. A scoring machine with a killer step-back jumper.
    • Kevin Garnett: The Defensive Anchor. His intensity and versatility transformed the Celtics’ defense.
    • Ray Allen: The Sharpshooter. His silky-smooth three-point stroke stretched opposing defenses.
  2. Defensive Dominance:
    • Coach Doc Rivers instilled a defensive mindset. The Celtics allowed just 90.3 points per game during the regular season.
    • Their suffocating defense disrupted opponents’ rhythm.
  3. Banner 17:
    • The Celtics finished the regular season with a record of 66 wins and 16 losses.
    • In the playoffs, they defeated the Lakers in a thrilling NBA Finals, securing their 17th championship banner.
  4. Legacy:
    • The 2007-08 Celtics exemplified sacrifice, teamwork, and resilience.
    • Their success paved the way for other “superteams.”
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